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Increase The Pressure

Increase The Pressure

Never mind the bullshit, here's the facts

The second album full of same old songs
Fighting back against a system which is cruel and wrong
Yet another battering ram against a wall of power
A blasphemous attack to blow the leaderís cover
Itís a message from those who wonít take no more
Of seeing the privileged profit from the poor
Of the scientistís piss they call research
Of being told weíre scum and should be birched

Well bollocks to them all, keep smashing at the wall
Pile the pressure on and Government will fall
But it takes more than music and more than words
To recreate a nation thatís controlled by hoards
Of police, army and fuck knows what else
That theyíve got waiting for the backlash from the people who care
To question their control, their dividing lines
Power must be tested, itís testing time

Power must be tested, we've heard that time and time again
But no matter how much pain and protest, nothing seems to change
The Government show forces and our movement cowers in fear
Some still strive for freedom, while others simply sneer

Itís the same old racket with the same old songs
Well itís the same fucking system and it still stands strong
The battle continues so bollocks to them
Who mock our anarchy then bow their heads again
You try working for something that a system canít make
Creating something that a law canít take
Back as a loss of privilege for stepping out of line
Power ain't been tested, so now's the time to fuck them up again
Fuck them up again
Fuck them up again

Law And Order

Punks! -- The system maintains -- Law and order

No more law and order. Those words they say it all
Its just one human being denying another of self rule
The police ain't authority, for all they do is serve
The state they do their dirty work to make the people learn
They interrogate, discriminate, smash demos and assault
They sort out all the queers and keep the wogs locked in a vault
And they're here for protection but protection for who?
They all wear the same badge that says fuck you all

Oh yeah! They're here to maintain rights; they're here to keep the peace
Theyíve also got the right to lock up and not release
Any form of rebel, theyíll even work against their own
Because they bribe them, very well and they may also get a home
Protect their privilege no matter what the cost
Now you're the piggy in the middle and they couldnít give a toss
They sit back and laugh, yes they laugh at you too
Cos they also wear a badge that says "we use you"

Itís just the same old story of a state going wrong
Where possessions matter and people donít
Donít be surprised that we've turned against you
Because if you side with them, itís fuck you too

From Protest To Resistance

No, there's no fucking way
That anythingís going to change
It depends on you and you know
We can protest until death, they wonít listen
Donít sit back and think it will happen
They wonít give up what they have robbed
Stand up and resist

But while the leaders have caught on, we see that theyíve prepared for civil war
While on our side we squabble about who does what and who sells more
There's women with just one reason, to fight for their equality
Forgetting the system holds superiority

First, we've got to come together, so fuck the differences
It doesnít matter if its noise or music, to them we all talk piss
To them weíre the sick farce, now lets not prove them right
If we're to stand the slightest chance, we must unite and fight
We must never give up, make sure our message ain't forgotten
Thatís if they won't fucking stop, then weíre gonna fucking stop them!

Though Shit Mickey

Mother Nature smiles and cracks a new days dawn
Most people on the earth are sleeping comfortably and warm
Out in the fields and pastures, itís another new day too
One without the war and hatred that is known by me and you
A shriek disturbs the peacefulness; the catís just killed a mouse
The mother says with feeling as she looks out from the house
Itís breakfast time, the clock strikes nine, ham, bacon, one egg or two?
What a shame about that mouse, whatís for tea tonight, lamb stew?

Well, thereís things to do, so the family divides in separate ways
Father works to earn the keep, heís a butcher and well paid
The daughters go to riding school, mother washes up the crap
One son plays with soldiers; the other aggravates the cat
Back out in the fields a different storyís taking place
Foxes cower with their cubs to escape the human race
Rabbits run for life, deer take cover in the trees
The mother sighs with disbelief, then prepares the meat

Liberate, liberate
Liberate, liberate -- Think what youíre doing -- Liberate, liberate
Liberate, liberate -- The systems set to ruin -- Liberate, liberate
Liberate, liberate -- The life, not the profit -- Liberate, liberate
Liberate, liberate-- Weíve got to fucking stop it

Because before too long there will nothing left alive
Not a creature on the land or sea, a bird in the sky
Theyíll be shot, harpooned, eaten and hunted too much
Vivisected by the clever men who prove that thereís no such
Thing as a fair world with live and let live
The royal family go hunting what an example to give
To the people they lead and that donít include me
I've seen enough pain and torture of those who canít speak
So I'm gonna speak for them in an all out attack
And if someone tries to whip me, then I will fucking whip them back
Because I have had enough of this madness in those theatres of hell
Enough of them hounding the fox to the kill
Of baby seals being clubbed, their mothers cut up
They satisfy their greed, their wealthís built on blood
Of their slaughterhouse haunting the back of the mind
The gas chamber of the farm life, the end of the line

Itís a shame about that mouse!

Punk Inn'It

Punk still means much more than fashion
A movement made that no one can change
Itís a form of rebellion; it comes from the street
And itís made by idiots like me! See!

Weíre all caught in a web of power
And we are all holding each other in place
Forced into position by one another
I see I'm ready to break free

But... I canít move unless you fucking do
I canít move unless you fucking do
I canít move unless you fucking do
I canít move unless you don't do
You canít move unless I choose to
You canít move unless I choose to
You canít move unless I choose to
How much longer are we gonna wait?

I never said it could
I said it would
It can
It will
It will
It will
It will
It will
It will
It will

It is... Happening

As Others See Us

The music press grins but did you think they would help us?
No, itís not in their interest; freedomís not what they want
The change in their life style would destroy the bank balance
Much rather they would shit and watch the world collapse
In their fairytale city, they poison the mind
With rock Ďní roll for entertainment
So, the nation wonít find out about
Corruption, control, the distribution of wealth
Itís a plan based on distraction, well see for yourself
They make millions profit now whoís on what side?
Do you see them lift a finger as the starving victims die?
Some people tried to change things, tried to clear out all the shit
Big bosses forced a clampdown, anarchy must not exist!

Fuck off if you donít want to help, thatís the message loud and clear
From the con men you once labelled, you bastards just donít care
Just who the fuck are you to talk? You even sell yourselves
O.K. youíve got your own opinions, well now have ours as well

Shut your mouth, because you donít understand the way things are
The way we live, the role we play is not a superstar
For you to use, build up, smash down as you see fit
You dozy jerks you write such shit

If we sound like a bad phone call then youíve got a crossed line
If we tell you the same as yesterday, well, did you think we would change our minds?
You say we look too violent, say our message is forgotten
Well, if you donít like that tough, because thatís the only face I've got!

Shut your mouth, because you donít understand the way things are
The way we live, the role we play is not a superstar
For you to use, build up, smash down as you see fit
You donít know shit... you make me sick


Cruise missiles have arrived, despite our protest and anger
The fucked up fucking shits took no notice of our banners
They ignored the nationís pleas of a chance to work for peace
They reinforced their laws and brought their servants to their knees

Maggie sits back in her province of power
The nationís scared shitless in fear of a shower
Of the worst thing that would be possible
The destruction of the world, the murder of us all
God save the Queen, are you sure it ain't the banks?
Itís the profit of all nations that makes the leaders wank
From the Germans to the Russians and the Great British too
The people are the same, itís the Government who...

...Fuck, rape and destroy our world they treat as a toy
The truth they abuse and hide with war, threats, system and lies
Thirty million will die while the royals and Government hides
So, the nationís wealth can survive but the rest of us just fry

The man Hesletine sits and gloats at his warheads
Thatcher observes, "Oh, there's a hundred thousand more dead"
The missiles roar over, there's nothing they can do
But there's still a chance to stop it and that relies on me and you
Maggie sucks Andropov in her brothel of power
While Reagan gives speeches of bullshit to cover
The fact that its profit that brought the missile fear
Well ram them up your own arse, because we donít want them here

What are we going to be doing now itís 1984?
What are we going to be doing now itís 1984?
What are we going to be doing now itís 1984?
What are we going to be doing now itís 1984?
What are we going to be doing now itís 1984?
What are we going to be doing now itís 1984?
What are we going to be doing now itís 1984?
What are we going to be doing now itís 1984?

The Brixton Ace

"In order to overcome the massive odds in 1984, we need unity and respect. If we can practise every day, when strengh is needed, we will have it."

The Government which controls the system under which we are all forced to live. They control how it operates and after it as they see fit, so of course the system suits the governers, royalty and the rich perfectly. Any objections by others, to their plans, are crushed and the protesters punished. This is called democracy.
Their system is based upon profit and wealth, it maintains the segregation of the classes, represents the rich and rapes the poor. It crushes any chance of change by using an organisation called the Police.
The police are a groupe of people that have decided to work for the Government. Their use is to inforce their system and protect them and all they do from questioning. Under the banner of law and order these people have the right to kick, punch, arrest and fuck up any other human being they see fit. I may seem extreme but it's ture.
March 29th 1984, the proof, about 3000 angry, humiliated human beings, turned out in the city of London, to protest to the government (remember free speech) about the way they spend our money and the suffering caused by their fucked up system.
It was to be a peaceful demo but the police had other plans, they had been informed to be hard on the protesters and they done just that. The police started kicking and punching people. I saw a punk girl get groped by police, when she objected she was arrested and charged with obstruction. (protection for who?) Others sickened by the sight moved in and scuffles broke out. The police adored it, they had their excuse to show the fist and the order of the boot was adopted. I was kicked by an officer, who tried to incite me to hit out, but I ignored it and moved on.
Trouble was increasing as tempers flared, the crowd were surrounded by police vans, police on horses and police on foot. A horse was charged at the crowd and a man had his leg broken. He shouted abuse, was arrested and, with his broken leg, tossed face down into an awaiting police van. Other officers got in the van and he was driven away!
All forms of protest and free speech were made illegal and the day ended with 382 arrests and a lot of people hurt! FUCK AUTHORITY! The police were confused, disturbed and exposed but only to the people there.
THE MEDIA radio, T.V. and newspapers ignored all police brutality and in fact made them look well in order but then would because they too are controled and censored by..... the government!
You'll see what they want you to see, you'll hear what they want you to hear. AN EXCELLENT FORM OF CONTROL.
To control us they use the PRISON, thei concentration camp, the end of the line for those who are forced to commit crime. They prefer people to be wrong and punished,, rather than society to be wrong and changed.
Remeber why. £$;£$£$;£$;£$;£$£$£$£
To maintain their power, they threaten. They use fear as one of their weapons. With authority they kill people. People who obstruct or threaten the state are secretly disposed of. These people mysteriously disappear and this is usually put down to action by extremist militant nutters. How very true.
To maintain their respect they torture and lie. Torture still exists all over the world. It's used in two forms: physical and mental. This is carried out by top government agents, who have the guarantee that if exposed, the government will overpower the law to protect them.
Protect who? Think! The system's maintained in their fortress of power, we're their foudations. When the foundations move, the building will collapse and the weight of oppression will be destroyed and our world shall exist. It can happen! It will happen! It is happening! Tomorrow belongs to everyone, ACT NOW! INCREASE THE PRESSURE,

Conflict, London 1984.

Colin Jerwood -- vocals.
Francisco Carreno -- drums.
Paul Hoddy -- bass.
Mark Pickstone -- keyboards.
Marshall Penn -- guitar.
Ferenc Collins -- guitar.
Jackie Hanna -- vocals.

Conflict's First Album on Mortarhate.
The A-side was recorded at Greenhouse Studios in February 1984.
The B-side was recorded live at the Brixton Ace in London on October 8th 1983, Conflict's first major gathering.
Recorded Febuary/April 1984. Released June 1984.

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