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January 26, 2000

Case Number:



C10-00-029, C12-00-030

Kelstrom Hayworth Development & Sales, LLC

Preliminary plat approval of BRIAR HILLS ESTATES with rezoning from Agricultural to Residential 4 and 5, and approval of park site acquisition.

Northeast of 196th and Pacific Streets


Purpose: To subdivise 120 acres into 320 lots and three (3) outlots.

Existing Zoning: Agricultural Existing Land Use: Agricultural

Adjacent Land Use and Zoning:
Agricultural & proposed Elk Valley Estates

Future Land Use Plan Designation: The Planning Board and City Council approved an amendment to the Master Plan in December that will allow this development to go forward. Approval was granted because Elkhorn has agreed to provide sewage treatment.


Man And Wife, The Former (Financial Planning)

It's night but I can't stay asleep like you do, straight through 'til morning
When you pour my coffee 'n say "Baby, all that caffeine causes bad dreams.
Where all your anxiety is unleashed."
Well lately my days aren't much better. Can't concentrate when I'm at work
I just think and think 'til my head hurts of the payment plans I'm making.
I just wanted to provide for you.

But if you wanna make a run for it my love I'd cover you.
And if you need money for bills, my lover, I could cover you.

Cos I sold some shit. I'm saving up.We can get that house next to the park.
I'll get more hours at my dad's shop, yeah we'll plan for everything.
And we'll enroll in that middle class.Get a compact car full of discount tags.
If you're feeling trapped or too attached remember we wanted that.

But if you need money for bills this mouth my love I'd cover for you.
And if you have to lie to everyone, well I'll cover up for you.

Cos we're growing older, growing up just like our parents before us.
With your new job at the coffee shop we're ready for anything.
And we'll graduate that middle class. Get a nicer car full of shopping bags.
If you're feeling sad, kind of detached, remember we wanted that, remember we wanted that.

Remember how we wanted it. Yeah remember.

Cos I sold some shit. I'm saving up. We can get that house next to the park.
With the extra hours I picked up we will pay for everything.


What you learned, what you read in their books, all they offered.
What you saw when they told you to look, a final offer.

Well today we are giving birth to a new future.
Yeah, today we are givin' birth to our own future.

We will learn. We will love. We will work, change each other.
We will spread. We will cover the earth like air & water.
Water, water, water -- change each other.
We will spread. We will cover the earth like air & water.

Tomorrow's blank. We'll just fill it in with our own answers.
If we're stopped, we'll just start again. That's the new offer.
Offer. That's it. That's our final one.

Greater Omaha

Well traffic's kind of bad. They're widening Easy St. to fit more S.U.V.s.
They're planting baby trees to grow to shady peaks.
A little shelter from the sun or the upper tax bracket.
Here on the cul-de-sac, we are not giving back until the community repents.
Cos we can't afford to be generous.
There's closing costs and a narrow margin.
So go earn your degree and we'll take you out to lunch.
You can work for us but you gotta eat 'em all up.

Yeah one more mouthfull and we'll be happy then.
One more mouthfull and we'll be happy then.

Out west they are moving dirt to make a greater Omaha.
Another franchise sold so there are even more restaurants per capita.
And they all have got a drive-thru, yeah who's got time to dine.
Although the floor are clean and the colour scheme, it compliments me every time.
So no one starves in this cattle town.
The semis pass making squealing sounds.
And it's ALL U CAN EAT and they'll never get enough.
They'll be feeding us. They'll be feeding on us.

Just one more mouthfull and they will be happy then.
Yeah one more mouthfull and they will be happy then.

All those golden fields, lovely empty space,
They're building drug stores now until none remains.
I've been driving now for 100 blocks,
Saw 50 Kum and Go's, 60 parking lots.

One more mouthfull and they will be happy then.

Yeah one more mouthfull and they will be happy then.

One more, one more, one more -- One more.
One more, one more -- Yeah one more, One more, one more, one more
Just one more.
Just one more.
Just one more.

Man And Wife, The Latter (Damaged Goods)

I'm growing out my hair
Like it was when I was single
It was longer than I'd know you
I had no money then. I had no worries then at all

Such a high standard of living
I just feel like dying
I start an argument but you can barely even talk

There's good reason for your silence
Have to take care of some business
So I fix your plate and I stay out of the way

Will you stay like that forever, right in front of your computer
You'll look up one day but you won't recognize me

So you wanna change
Read a letter from a laywer
Wanna take me out to dinner
You wanna bury me under a mound of shopping bags

Like it would really make a difference
Or make up for your disinterest
I'm a bill you pay. I'm a contract you can't break

And it's like I'm under water
Or on an endless escalator
I just go up and up but I don't ever reach the top

And it reads just like the bible
Twenty centuries of scandal
Yeah it all depends on how you interpret it

The word is LOVE
The word is LOSS
The words are DAMAGED...
GOODS. That is what I am
A lifetime gets chalked-up to an experience
Coicidence, we are chained to the events
That's it

Mall Of America

They say it's murder on your folk career
To make a rock record with the Disappeared
We'll let the police helicopters
Pull stereos out of the lake

There's not an image that I must defend
There are no art forms now just capitalism
So send the National Guard
To the Mall of America

And they can dress dead bodies up in tight designer jeans
Diesel! Prada!!! It looks good.
It looks good

It looks good
Looks good
Ah it does

I'm gonna lie down to the with the common sound
I'm gonna bury my blues so it's never found
I'm gonna learn to pay attention
To the television sets

And if my sadness needs a catalyst
I'll just uncover my eyes, so much stimulus
And at the shopping epicenter
I have an agoraphobic fit

So buy a fountain soda, put some sugar on my tongue
I'll wake and write some songs with no soul
With no soul

The Happiest Place On Earth

I wanna pledge allegiance to the country where I live
I don't wanna be ashamed to be American
But opportunity, no it don't exist. It's the opiate of the populace
We need some harder shit now, the truth's getting around
Each public school is a halfway house
Where huddled masses sober up & up
Enough? There's not enough
To fatten the cows and feed all of us, it's just
A rationing of luck

What can't be bought gets raffled off
Oh God, good God shed greed on thee
Your shining sea turned a dirty green
From the industry
Off the shores of New Jersey

I got a letter from the Army so I think that I'll enlist
Now I'm not brave or proud of nothing, I just want to kill something
Too bad that nowadays you just point & click
Swing Lo satellite, hot white chariot!
In the computer's blue glare, bombs burst in the air
There was a city once, now nothing is there
Our freedom comes at their expense
Makes sense, does it? Dollars & cents
They're stretching barbed wire across the picket fence
That's surrounding your housing development

In case you lack the confidence
Oh God, my God, give strength to thee
These amber waves, purple majesty
Is nothing but bakdrops for Disney

Look up close
It is superimposed
On a blank blue screen, yeah! It is fantasy, fucking magical
The dream floats
Like a chemical
Through each snapped synapse. Television past that is beautiful
No more
No more

Survival Of The Fittest / It's A Jungle Out There

He hides in his suit like
Like a snake in the grass
His sales-pitch-fork-tongue-hissed

The Wolves wear their names tags, they are hunting in packs
Herding their prey up the aisles & back
They're smiling
Their teeth are showing

While the Doctors & Lawers like Vultures descend
Swoop down to the scene of the car accident
To pick the
Victims to pieces

Then there's the sly
Silver Fox makes his money
Tele-scamming Notch Babies
He says, "The end is near,
Buy my policy.
I'll make you young again.
I'll make you young again."

Take the cash from my hand. Hear the register sing
And the roar of the Lion logo on the screen
He's hungry
I should buy some popcorn

So I exit the dark feeling blind in the sun
And the Bobcats look tired. They ate their fill of asphalt
Cos we need more parking
With so many up at the pulpit Rams & Bugs

The news cameras capture Guerilla warfare
Eagles into building crash landed
Despair is all that there is now

In a cubical cage that smells like a Rat
Whose smile gets bigger along with your debt
Don't take it personnal
It's just business


Propped up at the pulpit
A speech to please the poles
With coca-cola trickling down my throat
Well, would you save all of your bottles if I promised a refund?
Yeah it's gonna come.
I swear. I swear. I, I, I swear. . I swear that it is.

You've got a special interest
Influence I could sell
Like water takes the shape of where it is held
I'm overflowing with ambition
But I gotta keep in mind
The bottom line

Is the dollar signs
And the big, bright lights
Inaquality franchised
The next location is mine
We're gonna lower costs
It's a work of art
Our giant, golden arch

I'm gonna start a factory
The size of a country
I'm gonna teach them all to work for liberty
Oh but I'm not one for handouts
No, they gotta pay their dues
They can make our shoes

And then we'll walk on you
Always on the move
We heard that business will bloom
If some people are removed
Know there's all body types
But we have just one size
Don't care if it's tight

It's the dollar signs
And the big, bright lights
Inequality franchised
Every location is mine
So just do your part
Form a line, let's march
Under the golden arch

Hole In One

Man at the bank said: "Let's not talk percentages.
Fourteen hour day, still two mortgages.
Asked the state for aid and gave you an ad campaign that didn't help."

You took your family and joined in the urban sprawl
Can't see the stars as well but you're near the mall
Don't know where you stand no more
In line in a convenient store that's way too long

Used to work your land, fed thousands of mouths
Now you eat their shit for the money. Now
Emptied your heart to fill your bank account

Well I should talk. I'm just the same
Buy my records down at the corporate chain.
I tell myself I shouldn't be ashamed
But I am

Adolescence made her an activist
Now she's the one who does all the lecturing
"They got their eighteen holes!
Should have told them to dig one more! The dream is dead!"

Won't eat their food or wear their clothes
Always wants to know where her money goes
Will shell it out for filling up her nose

So run it up. I'll run my mouth
Never mind the shit that I sing about
Cos I'd sell myself to buy a fucking house

Twelve thousand square foot, four car garage
Tennis court & swimming pool in the back yard
I know it can seem like a lot
That is why I pay someone to clean it up

We're gonna clean it up.
My big house.

Matt Baum -- drums.
Denver Dalley -- guitar.
Landon Hedges -- bass & vocals.
Ian McElroy -- keyboard.
Conor Oberst -- vocals & guitar.

Recorded by Michael Mogis at Presto!
Mastered by Doug Van Sloan at Studio B.
Artwork by Zack Nipper
Executively produced by David Dondero.

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