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The (International) Noise Conspiracy

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The First Conspiracy

My knees are aching, my body's sore can't believe it we're still coming back for more. Down on the floor for another round of chaos in the flesh, another explosion of direction. Not nostalgic, not retro, but instead a detournment of music & politics & action & madness. No more humiliation in the hands of reification, but instead a statement of direction & focus under the disguise of a popular culture. But not culture in the grasp of capitalist meltdown & suppression, not creation in the realm of art & music & poetry, no signatures on the dotted lines of mass consumerism & violence, and not...

Abolish Work

All the leftist liberals scream about production and cutting down the hours spent to slave, but we are talking about slavery, work, separation; never again! Living, not surviving, is the idea. We must abolish work, not just a cheap cliché, it (wage slavery) is just another trick to turn us all into slaves, We must erase the timeline, please pretty please, or we will end up dying on our bare knees. "If they insist on buying our time, we must steal it back", we say as we try to break away from the linear time of production and the circular timeline of consumption. I'm losing my mind. We cant exist under these circumstances, this never ending loop of dying. Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.......Are we looking for the thruth??? Or are we just under the impression that everything is wrong??? That we are all wrong???

A New Language

My mouth is all dried up and my eyes are all shut, we're speaking a new language where words are not enough. A language of action, that is easy to hear but almost impossible to decipher. Words of violent emotions that are bigger than the preset perimeters of modern ways of production has to offer us. Where every aspect of our expression is being bought and sold and fucked over, where passion means nothing and revolution means the latest detergent. "Presented with the alternative of love or a garbage disposal unit, young people of all countries have chosen the garbage disposal unit". A secret language is sweeping the nation, of gestures and words that only we know of and that only we have access to. "When we talk - we hear the revolution, in our noice - there's revolution, When we scream - the revolution's coming, in our kiss we taste revolution". And if we spoke like we never spoke before we would rip out our tongue and watch in loose control. And I will never repeat the institutionalized talk of schools and teachers and bosses and "experts" and politicians. Dreary justification of hollow meanings.

Do You Know My Name?

Do U know my name? Let's make a list of our complaints, let's make a list and put it to flames. Do U know my name? Do U know how it feels to not owe anyone anything. Do you know my name? Papercuts from writing to much. Let make a list of everything.


This is a T.I.m.e.B.o.M.b. hidden in the closet, a simple device of liberation that is not for the weak-willed. Are we going to die or are we ready for the big payback. Some might claim that violence will only breed violence and to those humanist bastards we say that it sure does, and that is why we can only use force since it will be only language that is understood by current status. Send it through the mail, send it to the boss, a package on the table waiting to go off. I heard it from a friend, said you've been living with iteveryday. How fucked am I? And if we slave like this do we really deserve to die, of course we are tired but reward awaits on the mythical other side; first in the afterlife (the promise of divine salvation), then the leisure time, after retirement or any other reward that comes up to justify the economical system that oppresses us. "Leisure time is only free time if humans have all the modern materials and instruments at their disposal to make revolutionary art for the experimental construction of everyday life". And how fucked are we if we can't even analyze the situation that we are in, but with our bodies sold and our minds blank where do we actually begin.

The Sin Crusade

Rob the gesture, steal the power. Make me feel ashamed of myself, cause now I'm standing here all naked and my body belongs to someone else. The moral codes and ethics of our lives are not by chance or by reason or not even natural. They are all definitions set by institutions, attempted at directing us into being moderate, obedient citizens. By diverting our interest and impulses from what seems "natural" and sane, to shame and guilt, they make us hide our bodies in big clothes and sexless outlooks. They make us fear ourselves and the power that we have. But I'm a sinner baby, cause I have sinned, I opened up the door and I let you in, cause I like everything. In order to define humans, we get categorized after how we love and who we love, all of the sudden sex became an identity, a role to play. Between confession and repression we hide, between shame and desire we die.

The Blast Off

Like a Rocketship all set to go, like a blast off to the moon, I told you so. The - in this case the symbolic use of grammars as to show the world that this is something more than just your regular lame rock act. (International) - as in international not in location but as in the universal idea of resistance and struggle, international is so that the thoughts and ideas behind the group are not new or regional but everywhere and with everyone. Noise - in this case the idea of the subversive sounds that could, in difference with the regular pop group, serve as an attack against music's function as the spectacle, the only way we can even begin to play the revolutionary game. Conspiracy - a secret society, an underground, a group of urban terrorists aiming to question and attack every instance of our capitalism consumer culture. "Culture? UGH! The ideal commodity - the one which helps sell all others. No wonder they want us all to go for it." An insurrection with the conspiracy.

Young Pretenders Army

If you liked subculture then try counterculture!!! We are the young pretenders army, pretending that everything will be all right, that revolution is just in sight and that rebellion is within reach, we pretend. What do we have up for sale today? How about everything and everyone. This culture that we are so much against is the culture that expects us to be against it, it is the culture that breeds the resistance and rely upon it. So how can we then be counterculture? Can we be counterculture or doesn't it end up all the same; just another hollow representation of what was once. How can we fight the new disease that sweeps our world - banalization. Play with me just like a lost kitten in a tree, set it off and alternative that's never of it's knees. In a typical trick of mass consumption we believe that somehow freedom has gotten bigger because we have more choices, but all these "new" and improved choices are just the same in different packages. So we sell youth rebellion at the price of rebellion, we buy youth at the price of living. Dead set on the target just pay the fee consume lifestyles just to be set free and now what does this all mean to me?

I Swear If U Do

Rob the innocence, just like small boys playing naked in the rain, keys to unlock pretty much what you want; my heart and everything. A feeble gesture like writing Black Mask or King Mob on the wall. I stay focused but you can stay indoors. Steal the plan, a hundred thoughts focused all in discontent. A new heatwave, a total meltdown of your bourgeoisie ways. An open invitation to seduction, destruction and all between. A new dream; a brand new language full of silent screams. "The new innocence means the destruction of an order of things which has never done more than impede the art of living, and which threatens what little remains of authentic freedom. I have no need to justify defending my own freedom."


"We're all tired of flying in 2nd class baby, we're all tired of never navigating." Just like the Communards we need to resurrect the spirit of self-management and real independence. We need to realize that the working class so called victories are nothing but failures, how the unions and the parties have over and over again sold out the working-class for pseudo solutions. We need to reject the so called "realist" of the old and tired left and see through the illusions of state bureaucracy. The revolutionary conception of history as a process, uniting theory and practice, will be alive again as it has before (1968, 1871, 1917 just to mention a few). "The social war, of which the commune is one moment, still continues (although the surface conditions have changed a good deal). As for the task of "making conscious the unconscious tendencies of the Commune" (Engels), the last word has not been said". One day we will all fly our own airplanes and we will own our own airports.

Introduction to the...

"We are getting closer. We are slowly destroying the long tentacles of the oppressive state machine... secret files in the university, work studies in the factories, the census at home, social security files, computers, TV, Giro, passports, work permits, insurance cards. Bureaucracy and technology used against the people... to speed up work, to slow down our minds and actions, to obliterate the truth. Police computers cannot tell the truth. They just record our "crimes". The pig murderers go unrecorded. Stephen McCarthy, Peter Savva, David Owale - the murders of these brothers are not written on any card. We will avenge our brothers. If they murder another brother of sister, pig blood flow in the streets. 168 explosions last year, hundreds of threatening phonecalls to government, bosses, leaders... THE ANGRY BRIGADE IS THE MAN OR WOMAN SITTING NEXT TO YOU. THEY HAVE GUNS IN THEIR POCKETS AND HATRED IN THEIR MINDS. WE ARE GETTING CLOSER. OFF THE SYSTEM AND IT'S PROPERTY. POWER TO THE PEOPLE. COMUNNIQUÉ 9. THE ANGRY BRIGADE."

Black Mask

Just give me a black mask - to explode, to overload, to loose control. The brand new call of the urban guerilla, screamed on top of our lungs, but also whispered in alleys and alleyways, talked about at the party or the show. Just give me the black mask of liberation, texture that feels like heaven against our skin. With a new language, secret handshakes and hidden faces we sneak up, the conspiracy, like a thief in the night. Sealing the commodities, destroying their exchange value and thus destroying their commodity status. Violence is easy to justify when it is done the right way. "Looting is a natural response to the unnatural and inhuman society of commodity abundance." Just give me a Black mask!

The (International) Noise Conspiracy.

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